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ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT - "Proud to Serve Your Community"

Capital Realty Advisors, Inc. (CRA) provides solid expertise and professionalism in the management of your Condominium, Townhouse and Homeowner Association’s needs.

Our skilled Licensed Community Association Managers (LCAMs) are specialized in implementing administrative procedures to improve productivity of Board meetings, streamline communication between the Board and residents, enhance community aesthetics and values of the homes, and assist in evaluating and providing recommendations for potential cost savings and sound financial investments. CRA provides exceptional customer service which in turn produces pleased residents!

Consulting Services provided by Capital Realty Advisors, Inc.

We leverage our knowledge and contacts to streamline operations and identify cost saving opportunities. We adhere to specific disciplines necessary to tackle the difficult issues Board Members face with rising costs, insurance issues, personnel hiring, real estate taxes, assessment considerations and budgeting. CRA clearly outlines a specific plan to meet and exceed client expectations. Creating workable solutions with immediate and long-term results, we work closely with Board Members to identify all areas of consideration and tailor that objective to the whole property. It is our experience and hands-on approach that adds the real value to the community and its leaders.

Accounting Services provided by Capital Realty Advisors, Inc.

CRA offers their Associations the option to contract exclusively for Accounting Services. We are proud to employ a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Staff Accountants that have been with our company for many years. We pride ourselves on our successful assessment collection processes to assure that the Association receives proper funding in order to maintain daily productivity.

Budget development is one of the most crucial processes for the success of an Association. Our Licensed Community Association Managers are qualified and knowledgeable to accurately prepare Annual Operating and Reserve Budgets for Board review.

Enhancing Your Value

Capital Realty Advisors, Inc. is proud to serve our communities by assisting your Board of Directors to enhance home values.

A Complete Range of Association Management Services:

  • Promptly Expedite Directives Set Forth by Board of Directors
  • Association Accounting
  • Budget Preparation
  • On-Site Inspections
  • Monthly Property Walk-Thrus and Corresponding Report
  • Construction Supervision
  • Board, Annual and Special Meeting Packages
  • Specialized Service Order System
  • Experienced Resident Customer Service
  • Newsletter Preparation
  • Violation Enforcement
  • Oversee Daily Operations
  • Up-to-Date Community Computer Software Programs
  • Supervise and Assure Quality Workmanship of On-Site Contractors

"Preserving Your Community is Our Goal."Steve

Proper Insurance Coverage:

  • CRA, INC. makes sure you are 100% protected:
    Fidelity Insurance – All Employees Bonded
  • Worker’s Compensation – All Employees Covered
  • General Liability

ToddLicensing/Certifications Held by Capital Realty Advisors:

  • LCAM – Licensed Community Association Manager
  • CPA – Certified Public Accountant
  • CMA – Certified Management Accountant
  • CPM – Certified Property Manager
  • RPA – Real Property Administrator

"We value your money as if it were our own."Chet

Money Management for Your Association:

  • Interest - Highest Interest Earned on Quarterly/Assessments Collected
  • Lockbox Depositing - Most Efficient Way to Accrue Interest
  • Direct Payment - ACH Option Owner May Choose in Lieu of Writing Quarterly Checks
  • Check Disbursements Twice Monthly and Manual as Needed
  • Reserve Fund - Competitive Rates Investigated

"Capital Realty lets you have it your way."

Tailoring Accounting Services To Fit Your Needs:

  • Custom Chart of Accounts
  • Preparation and Mailing of Payment Coupons
  • Maintain Roster of Owners
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll Processing for Association Employees - Including Federal Tax Deposits
  • Reserve Fund Allocation
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Year End Tax Preparation if DesiredJoey
  • Financial Records Maintained

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